My Story

Hello! Welcome to my online outlet for creativity. My name is Katie and I’m a multi-faceted entrepreneur, creator, crafter, artist, designer, homemaker, wife, and mom.

I have my hands in so many things at any given time. I run a handful of online businesses and this website is to help place them on in one place to make it less work for me in having to maintain multiple websites.

When I’m creating and designing, it is where my perfectionism comes out in me.
I always seek qulaity materials in everything I hand make. I’m never satisfied until I feel I’ve found the best!
I always make sure to check and double check qulity of anything I send out to my customers.
Beyond my own work, I pride myself in the customer service and relationships I build with each of my customers and clients.

What I Do

A little bit of everything which adds up to a lot.

Primarily I’m a web developer and graphic designer and have a fair bit of knowledge and experience of online marketing that I’ve gained over the years of owning several online businesses. However my most recent business venture has lead me to own a Motocross track that I have now help grow tremendously since taking on.

I feel blessed to be able to do what I do every day and to do it from home. My number one joy is being helpful to others or to bring some joy to someone’s day. It’s what I strive for in life and is a priority in any business where I serve others.

Here you will find my one of a kind creations mixed in with items I love to be able to share with the online world and community that follow me. I value your time and support in any form that you present it to me. Thank you for taking the time to getting know me a bit.

Latest Projects