Hitting Reset…

I can not believe it’s been over 6 years since I’ve seen the ocean and felt the warmth of the sand beneath my feet. It was a much-needed vacation for the entire family. For me, it was everything I needed right then and there. Our original objective for the trip down was to celebrate our friend’s wedding day who chose the beach to be the location of their ceremony. It was, of course, beautiful even between the shattered showers that were intermittent throughout but nothing is more beautiful than a couple choosing to the become one to start a new life together as they exchange vows that last for all eternity.

During these days spent in Florida, I stone-cold decided it was going to be a goal of mine to own a vacation home someday. Sooner than later. I felt a part of me melt away…a part that stuck to all my everyday working, adulting, goal seeking, business attention mind. That part, it disappeared altogether. It was the part of me that didn’t feel so inspired, a struggle to be motivated or even sucked the joys out of my days. There on this trip, I didn’t think about anything but relaxing and taking in each moment as a memory and a time of gratitude for feeling so blessed. Every moment. It was everything I needed to restart and refresh my mind and soul. I know…it’s a well-known fact that vacationing is known to be healthy and can actually bring longevity and fullness to one’s life but how different it is to experience it than to read about it. I will tell you right now…that drive home…it was more agonizing for me because of how much my brain was in full force to want so clearly to rejuvenate life into all of my businesses. It was exactly what my creative mind needed to say…yes I want to take on the world and conquer my dreams.

My appetite in wanting to learn was present again. Before the trip, it was fading in and out and I had days upon which I could care less if I took any time out of my day to learn something new. Which honestly isn’t me. In fact, there was a lot of that was present in my mindset that wasn’t me. I was having days that felt more dreary than good and to set time for devotions and prayer was no longer a priority.

I have to say…for me…there is just something about the waters and ocean that clears my soul. It could have something to do with being a Pieces and being a fish…but to me, nothing is quite as calming as the sounds of the waves crashing into a shoreline with the warmth of the sun and simple breeze on you. The onlook of never ending water stretched as far as the eye can see…that view is incredible to me. Something that can literally be gazed upon to still your mind and shut off the hustle and bustling of the surrounding world that is constantly demanding more from us.

I wish someday that this peace could be every morning waking up to the sun and water but for now, I will take the everlast imprint of the moments that I take from that place. I will carry them with me until they can be renewed and enjoyed in person once again.

The take away from this post is that we all need a moment where we can reset and start fresh. It is dire to do so…if we aren’t taking the time to enjoy this world that God so perfectly pieced together for us than we aren’t living…we are merely driving through life on autopilot and only managing to go through it. I know how I feel at this moment is the peace that God intends us to live…full of life and ambition and calmness and eyeful hope of the future days to come. For goodness sake, if life is having you feel down…take a trip and reset your soul.


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