Inspiration…Friend or Foe?

Over the years of being a freelance web developer and graphic designer…, I’ve discovered many creative outlets for me to branch into. It’s hard for an artist to stick with just one area to zone and focus on. I think it’s why a lot of creative minds struggle to succeed in business because of the lack of discipline of sticking to one area they are good at to place all their energy into to really succeed. It’s where I know I struggle the most at and why this site is so critical for me to tie everything I do together into one simple location instead of the several sites I’ve created and ended up spreading myself out far to the thin.

Inspiration for me comes in a variety of places. As a creative, inspiration also becomes a danger zone for me because I can easily spend my all of my precious time daydreaming and feeling inspired. It shouldn’t override the fact when the time comes, I need to cut myself off and convert my energy into DOING instead of Dreaming. It goes well with the quote of a dream is only a wish until you start doing. Ok, this may or may not be the exact wording but you get the gist of what I’m saying. You can dream all you want and keep yourself in a dream state or you can start right now and make something happen! Every day should be a new day to start working toward that dream you have. Because if you wait another day…it will soon become a week…a month…a year. In other words, think about where you could be right now if you had only started a day, a week, a month, a year ago!

To be inspired is a critical part of the process as it is a wonderful way to get the fire started but every dream dies with no action. Your action of doing is what to builds that fire to ultimately turn your dream into your passion. Inspiration should only be the Kindle that keeps your passion going and the spark you need to get started. But don’t let it be the only thing to build on because the spark will get you only so far.

Here’s a great quote that helps illustrate and highlight this point:

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

Sidebar and one thing I want to point out is how important “habit tracking” really is in your daily planning life. Tracking isn’t about having fun filling in a page full of colorful boxes, although fun and visually satisfying…the real importance is that you are creating and forming solid habits that will hopefully create your path to success in whatever you desire to accomplish whether that be in relationships, health, love, financial freedom, career, you choose.

So next time you find yourself pulling away from what you’re aspiring to accomplish. Find inspiration to help motivate your way to start but then remind yourself to change into action mode and making something happen. This can be ANYTHING! Big or Small, as long as it is moving you forward. Funny thing about the act of doing is that it ultimately has a way of making you want to do more. It’s why easing into the smallest of things can propel you to want to do even more of the bigger tasks.

Take a moment and think about the things you could be doing right now towards your goals…write them down…find some inspiration and then GET STARTED. Always moving forward and making a conscious effort to stop “motivating and feeling inspired” and start doing something in making your Dream a reality!

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