Jewelry Making…Restored…

So I spent the better part of the other day organizing my office/craft room. In doing so, it forced me to look upon boxes and boxes filled with beads, charms, findings, clasps, and tools. It was later that night I decided to take a look at my daughters new Hope Bracelet she had purchased that had busted only moments after putting it on. It was one of those stretchy band ones and super cheap so it didn’t surprise me that it ended up bursting right away. I knew in past years that the quality of materials is everything when it came to creating a piece of jewelry that was going to last. I had remembered coming across my stretchy floss/string and decided I’d do a quick fix and to restring-up the bracelet for her. After finishing this caused me to want to redo another one of her bracelets that her Aunt had given to her that was a bit too small. Remaking these bracelets really sparked something in me that had been pushed aside for so many years…

Dakota’s Bracelet

Let me share something real and personal to me that I often sweep under the rug…there once was a time in my life that I had created a fairly successful hand-making jewelry shop. I loved it. I pushed through so many obstacles to make it what it was and it was something Loved to do everyday that I could. I truely enjoyed creating pieces people treaured or were thrilled to gift away to those they loved. There were so many wonderful customers and special stories that I recall during a time that was far from a world I felt much hope in for myself. It was when I was married to an incredibly abusive man. You see my small Etsy shop was my blessing to be able to make enough money to stash away to give me what I needed to escape with my children. In some ways, Jewelry saved my life. I’m sure without it God would have provided another way out but this was the sliver of happiness He gifted to me at the time. It also gave me a financial cushion that my ex couldn’t ultimately control or take away from me.

Fast forward years later, I’m here…free of abuse but after leaving I couldn’t get myself to do the jewelry anymore. Something about it brought too much of my heavy past in front of me and stole the joy it once gave to me. It was honestly in a lot of ways too painful me to take on doing. For me to want to take up the bracelets and want to do more of them came to me as a bit of a surprise. A pleasant one because to me it shows healing. I loved creating pieces every day and honestly, loved the entire process of it. Since then I’ve tried to busy myself with other outlets such as my stationary and discs (which I still love!) but it honestly never could replace my jewelry making. There’s just something so lovely about the entire process of hand making jewelry pieces, from start to finish. It’s not like paper where the printer or the cutting machine is doing the majority of the work and you’re just simply putting something together…it lacks the individual creativity and hand craftsmanship that I had long lost but now am recently rekindling.


I’m not sure where it takes me from this moment. But for now, I’m excited at the fact I can make pieces that make me happy and bring some more joy back into my world that had otherwise vanished. Overall I’m incredibly blessed today…I’m safe, healthy and thriving. I’m thankful for every day I get to experience the freedoms of a new day!

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