Create headphones that are tangle free and fun!

Short Description

Are you tired of having to untangle your headphones every time you go to use them? Here's a fun effective way to prevent your headphone set from getting tangled.


  • Materials: Embordery Floss or Colorful String, Cording that tangles, Siscors, Clipboard, Time
  • Status: Complete

Main Features

  • Est. Time 2-3 Hours

Many of you may already know this bracelet making knot well as it’s the basics to friendship bracelets back in the 1990s.For those that are new or have never attempted to making these, I’ve tried my best in the photos below to show how to do this knot that you do over and over until you get the covering the entire length of the cord.

You want to start with a clipboard or some way to be able to fasten the end of your headphones down.


Cut yourself about 2 feet in my case it was about an arms length worth of string. You’ll want to start off by tying one end of the string to the top or bottom of the cord depending on how you are starting leaving about a 1 inch tail.

You’ll want to hold downt he tail portion of the string as you lay the longer string piece over the cord and string tail together. Then pull that same longer string around teh cord and tail string then through that loop you just made.

Pull up and tight…not too tight as you don’t want to damage any of the wiring but make it as snug as possible.

Continue with this untill you get to a point you have about an inch or so left of your string. You’ll want to then cut another about 2 foot of string to add to in the same fashion as the first. Tie a simple know with one side being only about 1 inch and hold it down along side of the cord with the prior tail piece if it still remains and continue with this loop knot all the way to the end by adding more string and knots.

In about an hour or 2 you should get a finished set of tangle free headphones or cording. This would also work well with phone chargers or other cords that have a tendency to tangle.

This is a simple a great way to jazz up and personalize your set of headphones to make them yours by simply adding the colors that you love. You could easily do this for a downtime project while watching some Netflix or in my case listening to Audiable.