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Again this printable is absolutely for free! However, if you find value in my work there is an option to place in an amount you feel happy to give. This is completely optional so please do NOT feel that you need to! I want as many people to have this for free as hundreds of you have already ๐Ÿ™‚ !!! This is just to help support my freebie habit and to brighten my day! As I like to gift most of my work I do. This was created out of love of Rachel Hollis and what she is doing for a community who are wanting to lead better lives for themselves. She is my inspiration in making this for myself and wanted to pass on the love to you all.


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There are so many of you already enjoying my be more “last90days” challenge tracker! Thank you for all the love and comments and shares! It means so much to me to see this! Below if you want to share your printout feel free to tag them with #kmdbegrateful and they will show up below.

Here is the original tracker link to download for free if you haven’t gotten it yet.


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