Starting to All Come Together

After years of working on putting together ideas of what products I’ve wanted to launch…I’ve found myself stretched far too thin among them all. Developing sites for each area I’ve grown to find a love for…I divided my time between several websites and social media platforms. So I’m finally taking the time to get my online life in order and creating a central location of all my crazy creative crafty madness. It’s here with this newly created site that I’m binding them all together. As time progresses, I have plans to let go of my other sites as they will eventually melt into this all in one location.

For some of you…you’ll know me from my line of metal binding discs that come in a variety of 5 sizes, in my signature champagne gold color. You’ll also know me from the designed layouts and custom planners and notebooks. You’ll also find me here and there reminiscing of when I once created handcrafted and hand stamped jewelry pieces. You’ll also find my world of creating digital-cut and printable design files for other creative crafters and developing online spaces for fellow spirited entrepreneurs like myself.

Gone are the days of having to maintain and do regular maintenance to multiple websites. It’s here I’ll grow and develop a single site that I aspire to focus all of my energy on to inspire fellow crafters and like-minded people.

I can appreciate that creating so many sites has helped me keep my web developing skills sharp but I’m finding the importance of quality content as the utmost importance and something that I want to be providing to my following and my tribe.

I’m excited about my new master site where I feel like I’ll be able to create content for you that you’ll truly enjoy. I appreciate those that have followed me through the start of this journey and have managed to keep up with my crazy endeavors.

Be blessed and stay inspired always.

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