Through the Storm

If you are here then it is my guess you are wanting to know more about my motive and reason for selling my current items on my website.

I feel this isn’t my story to share. It’s my brother and his family’s story and when they are ready I am sure it will be told. From the perspective of where I stand though I can say there are ripple effects of trauma felt deeply ever since the day I found out…my brother and his family were brutally attacked and robbed. I can’t tell you the number of tears I’ve shed over these what otherwise seem to be simple words…only words…but combined with a force that one can’t begin to imagine. I have to back up a bit and tell you a little more about who my brother is and what his family does every day.

They are a large family of 13…yes, not the traditional family size… 7 girls of their own and 4 blessed sons and a daughter whoever so lovingly blend as one. Their journey started years ago through mission trips to Uganda Africa through their church…starting as a seed they proceeded to continue to go back to Africa and chose to adopt from the country that captured their hearts…through helping villagers and building and caring for orphanages and the children who occupied them. This is how they grew their family and the passion for this country and the people they served. Over the course of a year’s time after many years of serving, they decided to branch off and create their very own organization while building their second home there for their family and those they served. It is through their mission they have dedicated to helping hundreds of people with Food, Water, Worship, and a place of refuge.

My brother, one of the busiest and hardest working men I know…works to run his business in the states building what I have to say some of the most beautiful highly crafted homes you will come across…also working to help raise 11 God Fearing and Loving Children and being a stand-up Husband. Doing this to help raise the funds and make this mission possible. They have grown astronomically in the short time they have been running which doesn’t surprise me at the slightest.

These people, the villagers absolutely love and adore my Brother and his family as even the Government there seemly do not let their actions go un-noticed because of all the incredible things they selflessly do for these people every day.

Now imagine the pure heart-sinking moment of when I heard my family was brutally attacked and robbed by a mob of armed 20 men…I know there was a moment my heart simply stopped and I forgot what it was to breathe as my mind only raced to…How…what?! No….

Again, as I stated this is not my story to tell. I will let you know that there is more than you can find out through their social media. As Lovelyn, my Brother Matt’s wife…is an incredible writer of all things and documents their journey through Facebook and Instagram. You can know more about the details of their attack on their GoFundMe page found here.

I tear up now just to think of them…I am grateful for them to be alive…I praise God that they are. Even though my heart is so broken over what happened I am mixed with the realization that it could have been so much worse. Because of what they have raised so far they have been able to afford the much-inflated plane tickets back to the states and will be putting the rest to the very much needed ongoing medical and counseling that will take place.

Here is a tiny glimpse into the last month they were there when the attack happened:

I am overwhelmed with the generosity and love that people have shown for my brother and family…but it places me to what can I do to help? The only thing I can think of that comes to mind is helping raise money for something very specific…which I feel is dire to their healing process. It’s a Bemer Machine. It’s quite expensive…but it’s a machine that is very popular from where it originated from over in Europe…and one that I personally use for my own health issues and conditions…I’m here to state I know this machine works. There are so many stories of how medical doctors use this machine to help in the recovery of so many different medical conditions and operations. I could spend an entire post just going into this machine…but instead, simply link out for those that are curious to know more. Here is their website.

I want this to be where I focus on how I can help. As for now they are in quarantine and being given the much-needed space that they need even though it is also mandatory. I’m glad for that as I know they need this time to simply readjust at their own pace and get back to a new norm in their lives.

So over the course of the next weeks, months…I will be selling handmade items to help raise funds for my personal efforts of trying to help my brother. This is where you’ll see certain items that are designated for this special cause. I’m creating this post so that those that want to know more details will have the access to do so. For those that simply want to give a specific amount because they feel drawn to…please feel free to go to their GoFundMe page. I don’t know that I’ll make enough but I’m sure heck going to try.

You can also help follow and support their organization and the villagers they serve by following them here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shineuganda/
Website: https://www.shinevillageinitiative.org/get-involved

I appreciate all those that participate in helping on any level that you can…by purchasing items, donating, or even through simple thoughts and prayers…know that I appreciate and value your kind heart. Thank you.

Much Love,

XO – Katie

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