What I Do Best

Design, Product Creation, Web Development…

To be honest, I have my hands in a lot of areas. But the one thing they all have in common is that I get to use my skills in Graphic Design, Product Creation and Web Development as well as Marketing.

Over the many years of serving people. I discovered my strongest suits that fit me best are in the areas I am most passionate about. Any place I get to create, design and problem solve is where I shine. It’s why the businesses I choose to take on thrive and grow because I have the balance of expertise and true devotion to make them happen.


Love what you do in life. If you don’t…teach yourself how to.

I take pride in all the things I make. In the many years, I have had experience working with products I create or sell…quality has always been the priority in all areas. Details are everything to me as I strive for perfection with the end goal of creating a product that someone will have to brighten up their day and enjoy for years to come.

I am most honored to serve customers who choose to trust me to fulfill a piece of their life with creativity and fun. I am blessed to be able to do so in a means that compliments my giftings and talents. Thank you to all those that let me shine at what I do best. I appreciate every single one that I serve!

Products & Design

I currently have my creativity focused on all things planner and notebook related.

A few years ago I discovered the world of Binding Discs and fell head over heels for them…it’s here my love grew to carry my very own line of champagne gold binding discs. I’ve managed to find new avenues to fulfill my artsy side in the designs I create for all things to do with paper a pair well with my discs.

Web Development and Online Services

I no longer work for clients creating and developing websites however…

I’ve found a means to be able to serve many more businesses without taking on a workload for an army. In my in between times…you will find me there developing and working away on my latest online project of helping my local community of small businesses whoI truly enjoy serving.