Why does your shop have Chickens, Goats and Bikes…Oh My!

I know it seems odd that I would have such things placed in my shop…but these are actually simply linked and not items you can purchased directly off of my site. Shine Uganda is an Organization that is close to my heart. It was founded by my Bother and his entire family of 13!  They happen to have 4 of their beautfiul children adopted from Uganda, Africa. (This sings to my heart being that I’m adopted as well.)

The’ve gone through great lengths to make these adpotions possible in which included having to live in Africa for an entire year to show their commitment and seriousness of such an adoption. It’s the only way Uganda Law will allow consideration of any adoption. So they did…the entire family of 13 lived among a village for an entire year…and did so I might add incredibly. It’s here during there time where they help several families and helped spread God’s Love and Word that would have otherwise not happened. During their time there they discovered God’s purpose for them and started an organization to help families remain together by helping them develope specific skill sets to help them get jobs especially for the youth that would otherwise be abandonded without a home.

It’s be a wonderful journey to watch grow into what it is today. They’ve grown and built a community center where people can stay and worship and be feed. From there start of only a handful of children to now the Hundreds they serve their needs have grown and expanded in ways they feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of in serving God’s purpose for them.

It’s why you see the specific listings that link to the exact location of where you can help support a meaningful cause that is I know absolutely changing lives first hand!

You can visit there site directly to learn more of what they are doing and ways you to help contriube to their work.

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